Coconut Oil

Coconut trees naturally lend them selves to being very hard to cultivate on mass, their awkward shape and low annual yield means corporate giants struggle to grow them on mass. This means that little deforestation, few pesticides and minimal machinery go into harvesting them.

We care about the longevity, application and wear-ability of our products. With coconut oil being pliable, full of goodness and importantly white in colour, it makes our products the perfect partner to last long, moisturise and leave your
clothes stain free.

Fractioned Coconut Oil

Every essential oil needs a base to carry it, giving a long lasting scent that keeps you fresh way after application. As coconuts are inherently more sustainable in comparison to others, we always opt to use products derived from them. As we want to make sure we’re not staining clothes and we’re looking after each and every customer.

Fractioned coconut oil simply has the long-chain fats removed, to leave a clear, odourless oil that’s great at smoothing skin and prolonging scents.

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