• Designed to promote natural skin healing
  • Only 6 ingredients 
  • Hand made with natural ingredients
  • Vegan and free from parabens
  • 30ml Glass Jar with biodegradable label
  • Delivered in plastic free packaging with biodegradable postage bags


Every ingredient carefully chosen for our healing balm contributes to skin healing and repairing. Packed with Vitamin E, which is notorious for promoting elasticity and preventing scars. With ingredients you could eat, it’s the perfect natural remedy for when you get in a pickle.


Our healing balm was carefully and loving made for small cuts, bites, fresh tattoos, shaving cuts, razor burns and any other bumps and scrapes you might get your self into!


The smoothing combination of Lavender, coconut oil and Shea butter makes sure your sensitive scrapes are carefully nurtured back to full help.

Ethical Natural Healing Balm

  • Sunflower Wax

    Shea Butter

    Coconut Oil 

    Jojoba Oil 

    Almond Oil 

    Rosemary Oil