• Perfect for keeping your hair looking and feeling silky smooth
  • Daily use strengthens your hair
  • Hand made with natural ingredients
  • Vegan and free from parabens
  • 100ml Glass Jar with biodegradable label
  • Delivered in plastic free packaging with biodegradable postage bags


Our hair serum is intended to give you soft, shiny hair from root to tip. You can massage into your scalp and leave for anywhere between 10 minutes to overnight and wash out. Or run a small amount through mid to ends to help maintain healthy strong hair.

Hemp oil can help to stimulate hair grown when applied to your scalp as well as helping to strengthen and hydrate your locks. 

Vitamin e works with hemp oil to promote hair growth and reduce follicle cell break down on your scalp as well as increasing shine.

Natural Hair Serum

  • Hemp Oil 

    Argon Oil 

    Coconut Oil 

    Vitamin E